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Suriashi Two


Suriashi Two, 2019, Ink on Paper

I use drawing as a means to interrogate the way social roles are structured specifically in regards to power play between men and women. I’m curious as to the social value of asking questions related to sexuality and gender. I draw big, strong men without genitalia or add feminine curves to their shape. I dress them in female clothing and depict them as A-sexual. Playfully innocent or demeaning? Are men the ones that determine social power play? Does the hierarchy truly exist?

Experimenting with this distribution of power and inner instability is the focus of this body of work.  Engaging in this form of “play” has become a way of “testing” the power dynamics which have shaped our society and our behaviour within it.  

The term "Suriashi" refers to a foot movement in traditional Japanese martial arts. Its purpose is to move while maintaining one's balance.

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